Saturday, June 21, 2014

< Hello! I am someone who tends to daydream a lot in order to escape the stresses in my everyday life. I realized that others might enjoy the worlds and characters I create in my mind so I decided to post them up in a blog. FYI they are mostly science fiction. Please let me know if you enjoy it! >


In the world there are people with special abilities. It was discovered that these abilities were exclusive to only certain families. Because of the type of abilities attained, the families were divided into 4 different categories: Vida (those with abilities in nature and life), Morte (those with abilities in death and fear), Elementa (those with abilities in elements), and Mentalis (those with abilities dealing with the mind and time). It was thought that breeding within families with the same category would provide children with greater abilities. Status and wealth accompanied these families. Over time, these families became more exclusive and powerful. Competition over which family was more powerful ensued leading to public fear of those with abilities. A system was developed that enabled a family to rule the land in a span of 30 years at a time if a worthy successor was presented. Each family would present their best candidate and a decision from the elders will be made based on whether or not the candidate would be the best choice. Decisions are mostly based on power and at times duels are conducted to measure an individual's power. Concentration of power and wealth in these families have caused the average citizen to become extremely poor, with only the capital prospering in wealth and technology. Claima, an outskirt state by the ocean, is the most deprived state where medicine and clean water are thought of as luxuries. It is here that a baby girl is born with a powerful ability that is destined to change the world.

<Ill post chapter 1 within a week =) >